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Helen Spencer

Mobile Phone: 07845 523357
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I first fell in love with laughter Yoga in Texas USA I loved how it brought strangers together and made established groups stronger incredible. It came in to my life when I  was at a lonely low ebb….. it saved me it gave me such hope in myself.

I am a none competitive type I finally found something where I felt equal and good enough laughter has no score system or language.

6 years later I moved to Scotland and  but there was no group of laughter-yoga I could attended so I decided to start my own club.

I did the leadership training in Glasgow and the following year I went to India to do the teacher training with Dr Kataria it was fantastic I want to help spread his message.

I run a laughter yoga club it is free or for small donations for running costs.

I also do laughter sessions for all sorts of non profits and charities including; scouts, guides, support groups for medical conditions women’s guilds, care homes, assisted living residents  support groups, sports clubs, library  services, local council and NHS.

Laughter yoga is the best add on to my work as a complementary Thearapist . The  need to laugh is a basic human need that benefits the individual but in turn that benefits all.

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