Professional Fees

Laughter Association UK Members deliver workshops and training, conferences, coaching and therapy to high standards.

It is a common misunderstanding that Laughter Yoga and related work comes at no charge as this was the original promotion of Laughter Clubs in India where Laughter Yoga started.

The fees for Laughter Yoga training are standard fees based on the USD-fees outlined by Laughter Yoga International.

The following are the standard training fees you can expect in a transparent market where the Certified Laughter Yoga courses are delivered based on the original courseware designed by Laughter Yoga International:

  • 1-day Certified Laughter Yoga Basic Learning £95 early bird, £125 standard
  • 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training £175 early bird, £225 standard

Professional Laughter Workshops are delivered by Laughter Association UK Members with expertise, compassion, fun and your group in mind.

Fees and negotiation is individual, based on group size, purpose, length of workshop and other factors.

However, your workshop will be held to high standards regardless of your budget and we always aim to negotiate a fee that is reasonable for your organisation as well as our Laughter Association UK Member.