Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to provide clear guidelines to Laughter Association UK Members.

Laughter Association UK Members must at all times show professionalism, acting with integrity in a professional and ethical manner towards participants in laughter activities, laughter colleagues and other professionals, as well as members of the general public.

Laughter Association UK Members must

  • explain session content before embarking on laughter activities
  • promote the full range of benefits of therapeutic laughter
  • make participants aware of any health warnings
  • respect individual’s choice to participate or not to participate in any given activity
  • show empathetic and supportive behaviour, encouraging participation and willingness
  • at any time decline or postpone the delivery of laughter activities where these are not in line with ethics and appropriateness
  • follow the guidelines for fee structure and adhere to the training fee standards

Laughter Association UK Members respect the uniqueness and dignity of each participant irrespective of their ethnic origin, class, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or personal attributes.

Laughter Association UK Members ensure that their working environment is appropriate and comfortable for participants, whether it is a public or private space or the facilitator’s own home. They always respect the privacy and property of others.

Laughter Association UK Members promote themselves and their work in a responsible and honest manner, complying with advertising law and ensuring that all publicity reflects the service offered. A Laughter Association UK Member may advertise that s/he is a member of the Laughter Association UK and may use the Laughter Association UK logo (or an adaptation of this) on relevant publicity material, provided that the service offered complies with the Laughter Association UK’s Code of Conduct and the integrity thereof.

Laughter Association UK Members always request the consent of participants if any laughter-related activity is to be filmed, photographed or recorded for any purpose.

Laughter Association UK Members respect the integrity of other professionals.  They never countermand or ignore instructions or prescriptions given by a doctor. They never claim to cure any condition or ailment.

Laughter Association UK Members recognise that laughter activities may awaken deeper emotional issues in some participants. In such cases, Laughter Association UK Members acknowledge the boundaries of their personal competence and are always prepared to seek the advice of, or refer the client to, someone of appropriate qualifications and experience.

Laughter Association UK Members respect the confidentiality of session participants.  However, if a Laughter Association UK Member believes, that there is a significant risk of self-harm or harm to others by an individual, confidentiality guidelines are overridden.

Laughter Association UK Members avoid any abuse of their privileged relationship with clients, including starting a sexual or inappropriate emotional relationship.

Laughter Association UK Members do not enter into any business, financial or commercial relationship with clients which would compromise the integrity of the client-practitioner relationship.

Laughter Association UK Members take responsibility for arranging their own indemnity insurance against risks arising from their work.

At all times Laughter Association UK Members seek to uphold the reputation of the Laughter Association UK and its members.