Join Laughter Association UK

Membership fee is £25 per year and covers the running costs as well as contributes to members’ meetings around the country.

Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits of being a member of Laughter Association UK, e.g.

  • Support from experienced Laughter Professionals around the country
  • Your details and bio are listed in the Laughter Association UK directory where potential clients are able contact you directly
  • Your network of colleagues is growing and you have the opportunity to connect, share and promote together via the Laughter Association UK Facebook Membership Group.
  • You are invited to Laughter Association UK meetings held around the country at discounted rates as your membership fee goes towards covering the costs of venues
  • Access to resources in a Members’ Only Area and to the latest Laughter Yoga news and resources
  • Use the Laughter Association UK logo to promote your professional standards
  • Laughter Association UK aim to become the UK’s choice for connecting laughter facilitators and trainers professionally, and are looking to broaden the organisation and its members’ exposure in the media, on TV, in articles, and at exhibitions, conferences and festivals through the activities of its members

Membership of the Laughter Association UK can be withdrawn if a member displays gross misconduct and shows disregard to the Code of Conduct that is part of the Membership Agreement.

In order to join Laughter Association UK fully please follow the instructions below.

Contact us to get your copy of the Laughter Association UK Membership Agreement for completion and email along with a scanned copy of

  • your laughter training certificates
  • your valid public and professional liability and indemnity insurance certificate


You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your documents upon which you will be requested to pay the annual membership fee of £25.

Laughter Association UK is a non-profit organisation and all membership fees will cover running costs as well as go towards covering costs of future member events.